Innodisk Announces DDR4 Mini DIMM Series DRAM Aimed at Communications Applications

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May 5, 2016 – Taipei, Taiwan - Innodisk, the service-driven flash and DRAM module provider, introduces a brand new DDR4 Mini DIMM DRAM that is fully compliant with ATCA (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture). Featuring a 228 pin (a mere 0.72” in height) and a capacity of up to 16GB, it is simply the best choice for small, high-speed, large-capacity storage devices.

Top-grade specifications for higher performance

Innodisk uses original ICs in DDR4 Mini DIMM and has upgraded the transfer speed up to 2400MHz. Its ECC modules are designed to detect and correct single-bit errors that may occur during data storage and transmission. In addition, the DDR4 Mini DIMM series’ built-in thermal sensor provides temperature monitoring and system reliability. Innodisk also utilizes value-added conformal coating on the module that protects against moisture, contaminants, dust and acid materials, thus ensuring high-performance operation in harsh environments.

Ultra-low profile height to improve airflow and thermal performance

Using Mini DIMM can save up to 1/3 more of the system’s space compared to using SODIMM. Innodisk’s DDR4 Mini DIMM’s specifications include a length of 8.2 cm and an ultra-low profile height 1.8 cm, making it suitable for the most space-constrained 1U blade servers, networking devices, routers and telecommunications.

Available now is the Innodisk DDR4 Mini DIMM module series.

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