Innodisk Adds Industry’s First DDR4 2400 to Its Industrial-grade Wide Temperature Lineup

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Value-added DRAM modules for Industrial Equipment in Harsh Environments

Innodisk provides a complete series of wide temperature DRAM products to meet strict industrial equipment requirements. These products include DDR4 2133MT/s and DDR4 2400 MT/s. These value added modules support the latest Intel Kabylake and mainstream Skylake processors. They provide additional support to the Intel Broadwell-EP platform and the AMD R series and Cavium OCTEON III to fulfill different applications. Furthermore, when comparing the current mainstream DDR3 to the DDR4 module, the DDR4 wide temperature module series is JEDEC compliant and offers up to 30% higher performance with 20% lower power consumption. 

To satisfy the working requirements of wide temperature conditions, Innodisk utilizes its exclusive technologies, the module level testing and burning-in testing for every piece of DRAM. These processes ensure that products meet and exceed wide temperature operating conditions, which range from -40°C to 85°C. 


Lower power consumption

DDR4 technology improves upon DDR3 with at least 20% lower voltage, which is more suitable for embedded systems.

Greater Performance

DDR4 technology improves performance up to 30% compared to the mainstream DDR3 module.

Thicker 30μ" Golden Finger

Innodisk’s DDR4 with our exclusive Golden Finger technology surpasses the industry standard 3u” specification and delivers a 30μ" pin-width to DRAM modules for extra protection against scratches and environmental damage.

Wide Temperature

Innodisk industrial-grade wide temperature components allow operations to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C


1. High performance industrial-grade ICs
2. Withstands temperatures in excess of -40 to 85°C
3. JEDEC compliant
4. Built-in thermal sensor for vital system monitoring
5. Error Correction Code (ECC) for data integrity
6. 30µ” golden finger for reliability
7. Value-added conformal coating to protect from dust, moisture, electric insulation, and chemical contaminants

Innodisk’s DDR4 wide temperature series DRAM is suitable for these applications

  • Transportation
  • POS/ Kiosk
  • Embedded systems
  • Health care
  • Automation
  • Telecommunication
  • Military

Product Information

Module Type Application Series Frequency Capacity
Embedded Unbuffered 2400 MT/s 4GB/8GB/16GB
Embedded Unbuffered 2133 MT/s 4GB/8GB/16GB
Embedded / Server Unbuffered w/ ECC 2400 MT/s 4GB/8GB/16GB
Embedded / Server Unbuffered w/ ECC 2400 MT/s 4GB/8GB/16GB


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