M2DOM - The Most Space-saving M.2 Device for Compact Industrial Computing Systems

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Up to 90% space-saving

Innodisk M2DOM is the latest innovation for board design options. With its compact form factor, the M2DOM gives flexibility to designer when laying out hardware components because it allows adaptability as an M.2 alternative, when a storage device reconfiguration is required. It also provides a benefit for the system integrator by simplifying the redesign process.

What are the benefits of M2DOM?

  • Saves physical board space
  • Facilitates faster configuration changes
  • Offers reliability for industrial grade design
  • Supports multiple interfaces
  • Eliminates reserve expansion slots
  • Provides flexibility in the lay out motheboard components

Innodisk M2DOM offers two types of form factors for different height variations within multiple interfaces. In addition, it has combined benefits of being flexible and its compact form factor. M2DOM offers the designer the luxury of having highly valuable motherboard space for small computing system such like ITX boards.

Feature highlights:

M2DOM connector is a vertical type M.2 key connector and compatible with B/M/B+M key M.2 devices. M2DOM connector can integrate multiple interfaces including PCIe, SATA III and USB 3. With limited customization, users can easily switch different interface devices to fulfill various demands without system configuration change or additional costs for the redesign of the entire system.

M2DOM connector has two screw holes for connecting M.2 bracket. It resists vibration and protects against shock.

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