Save your design cost with non-isolated switching regulator K78-R3 series

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1. Advantages of K78-R3 series

2. Application of Smart Grid Fault Detection Unit

Fault detection unit is to analyze Modbus data , and display the information like current, voltage, power factor timely. When a fault occured, this unit will display, store, analyze the information in accordance with pre-set alarm level, and inform the field engineer. 

K7805-1000R3 is mainly to offer a precise 5V voltage to the main control circuit.

3. Application of Rail Track Monitoring System

Rail track monitoring system is widely used in rail transportation to collecting and monitoring information, like pressure and pull. It can help maintaining the safety of railroad tracks by monitoring settlement and twist.
The information is uploaded to signal transducer by RS485 or CAN, then converted into Ethernet and transmitted to the upper computer, therefore achieves real-time monitoring.
Shown as above diagram, we recommend to use K7805-500R3 instead of LDO as it can effectively convert the voltage from 24V to 5V. If using LDO, the power consumption(waste heat) may be ten times of K78-R3 when its average load and/or input to output voltage difference are high.

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